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-====== Release Notes 5.14 ====== 
-GridWay 5.14 is a new stable version of the fifth series of the metascheduler. 
-Release date: April 1st, 2013 
-===== New EMI-ES driver (Tech Preview) ===== 
-A technology preview of a EMI-ES execution driver based on an ARC Client plug-in is now available for testing. 
-===== Send usage statistics to EGSC ===== 
-GridWay now can send usage statistics to the European Globus Statistics Collector. 
-===== Other features ===== 
-Now the target implementation for BES driver is provided in the host contact, instead of using the -t option of the driver. Therefore, LRMS_NAME should be "​bes-<​target>​-<​lrms>",​ with target being "​gridsam"​ or "​unicore"​. 
-===== Bug fixing ===== 
-The following bugs have been fixed: 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​138|#​138]]:​ Wrong exec time for jobs running for more than one day 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​139|#​139]]:​ Wrong error messages in CREAM driver when proxy delegation fails 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​140|#​140]]:​ gw_tm_mad_dummy -g does not stop the GASS server after shutdown 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​143|#​143]]:​ Poor error messages in gwsubmit 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​144|#​144]]:​ Duplicate delegations in CREAM driver 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​145|#​145]]:​ CREAM driver deletes the same job when poll and callback simultaneous operations 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​149|#​149]]:​ Code cleaning and resource consumption improvements in BES driver 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​150|#​150]]:​ BES driver does not recover UNICORE jobs 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​151|#​151]]:​ CFLAGS concat in configure fails if previously defined 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​153|#​153]]:​ Check command help 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​154|#​154]]:​ Executable stderr not shown in wrapper stderr 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​155|#​155]]:​ localstatedir should be /​var/​lib/​gridway 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​156|#​156]]:​ Buffer overflow in submit due to snprintf_chk 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​157|#​157]]:​ ld fails with -as-needed flag and Globus libraries 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​158|#​158]]:​ Buffer overflow in gw_acct_join_search_by_host_and_user 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​159|#​159]]:​ BDII IM MAD does not work without -q option 
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