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-====== Release Notes 5.12 ====== 
-GridWay 5.12 is a new stable version of the fifth series of the metascheduler. 
-Release date: October 2nd, 2012 
-===== Improved BES driver ===== 
-The BES driver now includes Transport-level security (instead of Message-level security), transfers are specified in JSDL (so they do not depend on globus-url-copy) and UNICORE BES endpoints are now supported. 
-===== Improved CREAM driver ===== 
-The CREAM driver now takes advantage of the new QueryEvent operation in CREAM to improve job monitoring. Also, multithreading has been improved. 
-===== Support for DRMAA2 (Tech Preview) ===== 
-A Technology Preview of a C binding for the new OGF's DRMAA2 specification is available, thanks to Suijian Zhou from Uppsala University. 
-===== Bug fixing ===== 
-The following bugs have been fixed: 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​126|#​126]]:​ Type and count not specified in RSL2 for wrapper-based submission 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​127|#​127]]:​ Missing special wrapper for SSH drivers 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​131|#​131]]:​ EM driver reload leaves jobs in WRAP state forever 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​135|#​135]]:​ CREAM driver is not installable with UMD2 repository 
-  * Bug [[http://​dev.gridway.org/​issues/​137|#​137]]:​ BES driver does not support UNICORE endpoints 
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