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   * [[http://​bugzilla.globus.org/​bugzilla/​buglist.cgi?​product=Gridway&​component=Campaign&​target_milestone=5.6|Campaigns for next stable version]]   * [[http://​bugzilla.globus.org/​bugzilla/​buglist.cgi?​product=Gridway&​component=Campaign&​target_milestone=5.6|Campaigns for next stable version]]
   * [[http://​bugzilla.globus.org/​bugzilla/​buglist.cgi?​product=Gridway&​target_milestone=5.4.1|Bugfixes for next incremental version]]   * [[http://​bugzilla.globus.org/​bugzilla/​buglist.cgi?​product=Gridway&​target_milestone=5.4.1|Bugfixes for next incremental version]]
 +===== How to contribute =====
 +If you feel that GridWay can be improved and have a suggestion, patch or piece of interesting code, follow the next steps:
 +  -Make sure this issue was not discussed in the [[http://​dev.globus.org/​wiki/​GridWay#​Mailing_Lists|mailing lists]] before, or 
 +  -It has not been resolved in the last cvs snapshot.
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