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-====== Ecosystem ======= 
-This page describes the **relation of GridWay with different stakeholders in the Grid computing ecosystem**. ​ 
-===== Related Software ===== 
-==== Components developed by dsa-research.org ==== 
-|[[ecosystem:​sgetransfer | SGE Transfer Queue to Globus and GridWay]]| This component enables the submission of jobs to a Grid from a cluster driven by a Sun Grid Engine. This set up is achieved using the concept of Transfer Queue from SGE, that can be build with this component to interface GridWay or a GRAM service.| 
-|[[ecosystem:​gridgateway | GridGateWay:​ WSRF Interface for GridWay]]|This component offers a Web Service interface to GridWay. It enables the creation of hierarchical grid structures and exposes a WSRF interface to a metascheduling service. Notwithstanding,​ the GridWay team recommends the native API and Command Line Interface tools to interface gridway.| 
-|DRMAA Bindings for {{ecosystem:​drmaa:​gw-drmaa-perl-0.1.tar.gz|perl}} and  {{ecosystem:​drmaa:​gw-drmaa-python-0.1.tar.gz|python}}| These packages enable DRMAA scripting in these languages. Note that these packages require GridWay version 5.3.0.| 
-| [[ecosystem:​gwjobtemplatemanager|Grid[Way] Job Template Manager]] | Tool managing the generation and deletion of job templates requiring parameter sweeping. Possible combinations of sets and ranges for values are allowed, including skipping and exponential stepping. The submission, purging and information about the jobs submitted via the tool is provided as well. | 
-| [[ecosystem:​gridwaybes|BES interface for GridWay]] |This component offers a BES interface to GridWay. It enables the remote access to GridWay’s metascheduling capabilities through a BES interface, allowing users to access services provided by different grid middlewares. | 
-==== Third-party extensions ==== 
-|[[http://​www.i3a.uclm.es/​raap/​gridcloud/​SA-Layer/​SA-Layer.html|SA-Layer]]| It is a meta-scheduling framework designed to provide the functionality needed to perform meta-scheduling of jobs in advance, which means that scheduling decisions are performed some time before jobs are actually executed. | [[http://​www.i3a.uclm.es/​raap/​gridcloud|GridCloud team at the I3A (UCLM)]]| [[luistb@dsi.uclm.es|Luis Tomás Bolívar]]| 
-|[[http://​www.meteo.unican.es/​trac/​meteo/​wiki/​DRM4G|DRM4G]]| It provides access to DRMs without intermediate middlewares. These DRMs can be: your own computer, local or remote workstations,​ local or remote clusters, etc.| [[http://​www.meteo.unican.es|Santander Meteorology Group]] | [[antonio.cofino@unican.es|Antonio Cofino]]| 
-|[[ecosystem:​gridway_plus_google_maps_mashup:​gridway_plus_google_maps_mashup|GridWay + Google Maps web interface]]|The goal is to develop a web interface with a geographical representation of the GridWay resources using a GoogleMaps mashup, including useful information such as statistics of usage, workload, pending jobs, queue size, etc. It also contains options so the user can filter and select which information is relevant (where are the user's active jobs, or what is the situation of the submitted jobs).|[[http://​socghop.appspot.com|Google Summer of code 2009]]-[[http://​socghop.appspot.com/​org/​home/​google/​gsoc2009/​globus|Globus Alliance]]/​UCM |Carlos Martín Sánchez| 
-|[[http://​lisa.tlc2.uh.edu/​tigre-wiki/​tgw-client|TIGRE-GW-Client]]| It enables an alternative deployment, giving the possibility to have a thin client for GridWay with fewer requisites, basically just a gsissh client. The TIGRE-GW-Client offers the full functionality available in the standard GridWay deployments,​ including arrays and workflows. Please find examples and a README file explaining howto use this component inside the tarball. | [[http://​tigreportal.hipcat.net/​gridsphere/​gridsphere | TIGRE]] | [[luop0812@yahoo.com | Ping Luo]] | 
-|{{ecosystem:​gwgui.tar.gz|GW GUI}}| It provides a graphical interface for the GridWay metascheduler users. It offers the possibility to design workflows locally and then send input files and job template to a remote GridWay server, where the workflow will be launched. The task definition is very detailed, so basically you can construct complete GridWay job templates and easily define dependencies between them. | |[[rayban1984@gmail.com|Iván Fernández Hernández]]| 
-|{{ecosystem:​trust_scheduler.tgz|Trust Management}}| It provides GridWay with a mechanism to evalute the //trust// of the computational resources. The Trust module consists of modified host attribute parsers and match-making algorithms. Additionally the Trust module needs to modify the information providers of Grid resources. | Madras Institute of Technology | [[stselvi@annauniv.edu|Prof Dr.S.Thamarai Selvi]] | 
-===== GridWay Success Stories ===== 
-Since January 2005, release date of its first open-source version, the GridWay Metascheduler has been downloaded thousands of times in 60 different countries; 25% are private companies and 75% are universities and research centres. Companies include integration and consulting companies, and end users in industries such as technology, finance, aerospace, and life sciences. 
-    * [[ecosystem:​projects | Grid projects and infrastructures]]:​ This section describes deployments of GridWay in universities and research centers around the world. 
-    * [[ecosystem:​porting | Grid applications]]:​ This section describes applications ported to the grid using GridWay. 
-    * [[ecosystem:​surveys | Survey of metascheduling technologies]]:​ This section includes references to studies that compare current metascheduling technologies. 
-You are welcome to send us a success story you'd like to see here. 
-===== Standardization Working Groups ===== 
-We actively participate in several [[ecosystem:​ogf_working_groups|OGF Working Groups]]. 
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